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Finding comfort in chips

Andrea 0 3854
We all have our comfort foods and it can be anything for anybody. These are the foods we turn to when we feel happy, sad, bored, lonely or any other emotion you can name. When did comforting ourselves turn into feelings of guilt?

Cooking is in the Confidence

Andrea 0 3485
Cooking seems to be one of those things that you either love it or hate it. Why is that? I've noticed that those people who love cooking for friends* are those that are confident about their ability to provide a nice meal. Those that hate it also don't rate their abilities. It's all about confidence. *Cooking for family/kids every day may feel more like hate more than love at times.

Nature's Superfood

Andrea 0 3833

Ok so calling vegetables superfood might be going a bit too far but I think they're pretty amazing. Scientific studies show huge health benefits to increasing them in our diet. So how much should we be eating?

Why a Dietitian?

Andrea 0 7752
There is so much health and diet advice out there, why should you bother seeing a dietitian? One good reason is that there is so much information out there … and a lot of it conflicting. It’s difficult to know what to believe.