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Whether it’s breaking free from diets,
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Founded in 2013, Food Habits is located in Lower Hutt for in person appointments and online anywhere you are.

Andrea specialises in intuitive eating,
weight-inclusive nutrition therapy for adults, eating
disorders and family feeding.


Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy looks at the kai (food) you’re eating and even more importantly your thoughts and behaviours surrounding food and your body. It is where the practicalities of eating meet your lived experiences and ideals that influence how you think about food, body, and self to examine what is helpful or harmful when it comes to feeding yourself well.

My approach is weight inclusive and trauma informed, acknowledging that health and well-being are determined by many contributing factors outside of the individuals’ control. Our focus is on behaviour-based interventions that you want to explore regardless of body size.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect an increasing number of people at any age, ethnicity, and weight. Dietitians play an essential role in recovery, collaboratively with your therapist and doctor. Helping you to know how to feed yourself regularly and adequately with care and compassion. Your body deserves to be nourished. I meet you where you’re at, whether it’s something you have just started being concerned about or you’ve been struggling for a while, I will support you through to feeding yourself well.

Family Feeding

Create the environment that encourages your children to learn and grow into confident eaters, whatever their age. As parents we can create the environment that encourages a variety of food and a confidence that enables our children to feed themselves well as they learn and grow. It’s a real joy seeing parents and children feel more relaxed and empowered around food. Building up the next generation to be more manawaroa (resilient) against dieting, eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

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