How We Work Together 

Food Habits is all about enjoying food and learning practical strategies to manage your health so they become a normal part of your life. It is not about hard work and depriving yourself. 

At your initial appointment I will conduct a dietary and lifestyle assessment. This information forms the basis of our work together. This time allows me to get a good understanding of where you’re at now, where you’ve been and what influences your current behaviours.

Each follow up appointment focuses on what you are struggling with, and what is going well for you. Your experiences with eating and food are where we start the discussion for each appointment.


Individual and Family Nutrition

  • Nutrition Therapy for Adults incorporating the Non-Diet Approach

  • Eating Disorders

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Coeliac Disease

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Women’s Health – PCOS, pregnancy, menopause

  • Family Feeding 


Initial consultation 60 minutes for $165
Progress consultation 60 minutes for $165
Progress consultations 30 minutes for $85


Food Service and Care Facilities

Menu reviews and /or advice
I will help you to ensure that your clients are receiving the nutrition that they require and ensuring that dietary recommendations are followed. Keeping in mind budgetary constraints and client preferences. 

Individual client assessments

Food Habits is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington


Community and Workplace Presentations and Wellness Programmes

Whether I’m talking one on one with a client or talking to a room full of people my message is the same: the what is so much less important than the self-care and structure of eating.

The ‘what’ is the information we hear all the time. I’m sure you know it by now, even if you feel totally confused by it: eat more… eat less… eat a balanced diet.

We don’t hear so much about the other factors that influence those ‘what’ decisions:

  • Where do we eat?

  • Why do we eat?

  • When do we eat?

  • How do we eat?


When we can respond effectively to these factors then the ‘what’ will take care of itself.

My aim is to inspire change about how we think about food and food choices; to eat without guilt and to savour each food moment. To encourage others to eat in a way that responds to our natural self-preservation cues of hunger and fullness and our body’s natural desire to be healthy and feel good. To foster that trust in your own body to make food decisions that are right for you.

If you would like me to speak at your work place, community group or school please get in touch.

Prices vary and special rates apply for community groups and schools.