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Testimonials from Food Habits' Clients


"We needed help with our teenage daughter who was increasingly anxious around food. She was restricting her diet to her idea of 'healthy' choices (e.g. berries and kale), she lost weight, was excessively tired and irratable. After just a couple of sessions with Andrea we noticed a big difference with our daughter. Andrea's gentle, respectful, calm,non-judgmental approach coupled with her teaching of enjoying food made a huge difference to how our daughter views food. The change is actually quite dramatic and we are very grateful to Andrea for her wisdom and assistance"



"What has changed most significantly is my acceptance of where I am and what is right for me at this point in time or as you described "normalising my relationship with food". The best part is being free from having to monitor everything and having a focus on what I should be doing/eating. So, would I recommend you to others? Most definitely, yes."



"My family have been very entertained at having everything on the table at once. Miss C: "Can I really eat pudding first!?"  Haha.  And she never eats it first. :)
Being able to help ourselves to what else we need when hungry has been good. And makes for much better conversation as we seem to take longer, take our time and talk. I've found it much more relaxing starting off with a blank plate and putting what I wanted on it. Master A seems to be eating more too. I can see their bodies tell them what they need and they just go for it."



"We have totally altered the volume of food we eat and understand the need to eat when we are hungry rather than when the clock says to eat. What we like is that we can enjoy eating out/entertaining and cope with eating while traveling without feeling that need to stick to an unrealistic plan. Thank you for all your ideas - they will certainly remain with us long term."

Kirsty and Mike


"Eating has been an issue with my eldest since she was a baby and remains so. It has also been an issue for me but for different reasons! LOL We introduced the new approach at dinnertime that night and it was astounding. We had already started with putting the food on the table instead of me plating it up. But we put dinner type food out alongside dessert-type food/fruit/things. Eldest put the dessert on her plate first of course but proceeded to eat some of it, eat other things and come back to it. Youngest child ate 1/2 her dessert and put the rest in the freezer for the next day!!! BOTH tried new things! The youngest one saw her sister chowing down on chickpeas and got over her "I used to like hummus and chickpeas but now I don't" stand and got in on the action. We are all loving it. Thank you SO MUCH. You're a superstar"   



"Thank you Andrea for your wonderful and practical tutoring while shopping and in the kitchen. I feel more comfortable in the kitchen knowing that what I am doing isn't wrong and that I do have kitchen skills. Our three grown boys gobbled down their dinner with amazement and gratitude. THAT IS A MIRACLE! Thank you for your professional expertise and friendly, comfortable way of being."